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Cleaning supplies detox

Have you ever wondered what is in your cleaning products? I started out wanting to de-plastic my cleaning supplies, and it turned out that there are problems WAY bigger than just the plastic bottles my cleaning chemicals came in.  I was curious about what, if any, research there was on the safety of the ingredients in… Continue reading Cleaning supplies detox

Plastic waste journal

Plastic Free Journal #8

Here is our plastic waste from February 2018: It feels like more than it should be, and I'm a little discouraged. Somethings that will not be repeated: Vitamin bottles (if you're eating a whole-food diet, you don't need them!) I even had a patient once who had memory damage from taking a multivitamin with poor… Continue reading Plastic Free Journal #8


Peanut butter

Many brands of peanut butter have things besides peanuts in them (salt, sugar, preservatives). Not to mention that they are often packaged in plastic (which are probably leaking chemicals into your food!). Update: Chattanooga has a great new grocery store called Gaining Ground Grocery that has a peanut butter grinder. Sadly, EarthFare has closed :(… Continue reading Peanut butter