Plastic waste journal

Plastic Waste Journal #5

We fulfilled one of Zach's childhood dreams by planting 2 cherry trees last week! I'll write a post in the spring about finding zero-waste organic planting soil and free mulch in Chattanooga. Regrettably, the trees arrived with the root balls wrapped in plastic. I'm not sure how this could be avoided in the future. At… Continue reading Plastic Waste Journal #5

Personal Care

Zero waste hair spray/mousse

I've been replacing my waste-producing items as they run out with more sustainable, waste-free options. Usually this is a fun challenge, but there is one item that I had been anxiously watching as my supply dwindled: TRESemme Flawless Curls Enhancing Mousse Yes, I have frizzy, curly hair and have been using this same product for… Continue reading Zero waste hair spray/mousse