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Spices, fresher, cheaper, and zero-waste

I wish I had known about the bulk spice section at EarthFare 10 years ago. Seriously, refilling your spice jars is one of the best financial zero-waste swaps! I also made a low-budget video on how to refill your spices, if that is more your thing, but the following blog post is more thorough. EarthFare's… Continue reading Spices, fresher, cheaper, and zero-waste

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Why its time for zero-paper

We started our zero-waste lifestyle by trying to avoid all disposable plastic. And pretty much plastic in general. At first we were wrapping things in paper instead of plastic, thinking that was best. But as we have grown and learned more, we now also try to avoid disposing and recycling paper as well. Here's why:… Continue reading Why its time for zero-paper

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Cleaning supplies detox

Have you ever wondered what is in your cleaning products? I started out wanting to de-plastic my cleaning supplies, and it turned out that there are problems WAY bigger than just the plastic bottles my cleaning chemicals came in.  I was curious about what, if any, research there was on the safety of the ingredients in… Continue reading Cleaning supplies detox

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Cleaning Power! (almost zero-waste)

Our family started on a journey of zero-waste, but it has also turned out to be a quest for zero-toxins as well. One place where I found I was exposing my family to many unwanted toxins was through our commercial cleaning products. I'm going to write a full post on what I found when looking… Continue reading Cleaning Power! (almost zero-waste)