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Advent, when less waste is also less stress

Advent season is coming up and I have been pondering on a good way to celebrate it. Advent is often celebrated as the 25 days leading up to Christmas, although different faith traditions have different start and end dates--and many people do not celebrate Advent--or Christmas for that matter--at all. If you fall into the… Continue reading Advent, when less waste is also less stress

Holidays, Kids

No waste Easter egg hunt

For those of you with kids, are you tired of stepping on the plastic eggs your kids have strewn around your house? Thanks to my mother in law for this awesome idea: Save your plastic eggs to reuse year after year. Collect them all up today before they get stepped on and broken. Put them… Continue reading No waste Easter egg hunt


Gift wrapping

The holidays are a time when most Americans (and I'm assuming Chattanoogans too) create more waste than in any other time of year. One contributor to this waste is, you guessed it, wrapping paper.This year's zero-waste wrapping in our house.According to this article on USA today, China is getting fed up with us sending all… Continue reading Gift wrapping