Recycling glass in Chattanooga Glass is a big problem for single stream recycling. A few years ago, Chattanooga decided to stop accepting glass in the curbside recycling bins. This is because glass shatters. The small pieces of glass embed themselves into other things in the recycling bin, particularly paper, and render them unusable and bound for the landfill.… Continue reading Recycling glass in Chattanooga

Advocacy, Legislation

6 tips for taking zero-waste political action

When we started our zero waste journey about 3 years ago, I'm ashamed to say it, but neither Sadie or I could even tell you the names of our Tennessee state representatives/senators (Yusuf Hakeem / Todd Gardenhire, respectively) -- so we certainly had never made a phone call, written an email, or met with any… Continue reading 6 tips for taking zero-waste political action

Plastic waste journal

Plastic Waste Journal-May and June 2019

This whole blog was inspired by Beth Terry and her book Plastic Free, in which she challenges her readers to save their plastic trash and analyze it. We started tracking our own plastic trash in October of 2017. We had been reducing our trash for about 3 months and wanted to share our journey, as… Continue reading Plastic Waste Journal-May and June 2019