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Paper Beads

I recently learned a new word: Craftism. It involves combining crafting and activism, or making the world a better place through crafts. You can read more from the Craftism Manifesto here. Since I have a 5 year old who loves making things, our house is filled with crafts. A big part of living zero waste… Continue reading Paper Beads

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Reusing fruit and veggie scraps

In our home, we use the waste prevention hierarchy Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Rot as described by Bea Johnson in Zero Waste Home. Applying these bit by bit has made a huge difference in the amount of trash we produce as a family. In my post about compost, I explained why composting is an essential… Continue reading Reusing fruit and veggie scraps

Plastic waste journal

Plastic Waste Journal April 2019

Here is our plastic waste for the month of April (I know, I'm posting this kind of late...): Looking at this pile, I have two feelings. On one hand it's cool to see how much less it is compared to where we started. But on the other hand it still feels like too much! Something… Continue reading Plastic Waste Journal April 2019

Plastic waste journal

Plastic Waste Journal, February and March 2019

Here is the waste we produced in February and March! We were out of town for 2 weeks in February and I didn't haul our trash back with us, so some is missing 🙂 It was a mostly zero waste trip in terms of plastic use (although we flew in a increased pollution waste...not… Continue reading Plastic Waste Journal, February and March 2019

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How long does it take for a head of lettuce to decompose in a landfill? Really, give a guess out loud before scrolling down. The answer? At least 25 years. Yeah, I know, its crazy! A University of Arizona project excavating landfills found a head of lettuce that was perfectly intact 25 years down in… Continue reading Compost