Plastic waste journal

Plastic Waste Journal #5

We fulfilled one of Zach’s childhood dreams by planting 2 cherry trees last week! I’ll write a post in the spring about finding zero-waste organic planting soil and free mulch in Chattanooga. Regrettably, the trees arrived with the root balls wrapped in plastic. I’m not sure how this could be avoided in the future. At least the bags are big enough that we can use them as a trash can liner (although we are needing fewer of those these days!).

Here is the not-recyclable plastic:


We have also decided start using all cloth diapers. And since many of the popular diaper covers are made out of PLU (read: plastic), we are starting to use organic wool diaper covers too!

We had one cut up credit card in our pile, also not sure about how to avoid that plastic. Any ideas?

Here is our recyclable plastic:


Yes, canned food containers are lined with plastic. And, believe it or not, most are lined with BPA plastic (yes, that is the one that a multitude of studies have found links to breast cancer, prostate cancer, fertility issues, type 2 diabetes, and other problems). in 2016, there was a study done on many major brands to test for BPA, and most cans tested positive. You can read the whole report here, or google “BPA, buyer beware can study.” The study also examined company policies regarding BPA. Walmart, Aldi, and Target had no plans to remove BPA from the lining of their cans. Whole Foods was the best, stating that the were no longer receiving any new cans with BPA for their brand of products. The Amy’s brand above tested negative for BPA. However, the report also discusses the alternatives to BPA in can linings. So far, there are some things being used that are not much better, like PVC, and there are some things being used that have not undergone much testing for safety.

Overall, eating canned food isn’t the best for your health anyway! I did like Amy’s organic refried beans, but now I know how easy it is to make yummy refried beans myself, so it won’t be too hard to avoid. I made a large batch and put 2/3 of it in the freezer. Whole Foods has pinto beans in the bulk bins, and it is waaaaay cheaper than buying the canned Amy’s brand organic refried beans anyway!

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