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Zero Waste Journal #12

The year is half over, and it feels like it just began! I asked my 87-year old grandma if the years continue to seem faster and faster with each passing year, or if it was just part of my phase of life with small children. "The years just keep going faster" was her answer. She… Continue reading Zero Waste Journal #12

Plastic waste journal

Plastic Waste Journal #11

Here is all of our plastic waste for the month of May, 2018: The carrot bag highlights the difficulty of traveling. We were on a road trip, for which I had diligently prepared food beforehand. But then we hit traffic and a 6 hour trip became 11 hours. For supper, we stopped at a Publix… Continue reading Plastic Waste Journal #11

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Plastic waste journal #10

Here is our plastic waste for the month of April, 2018: The can of green enchilada sauce is from Aldi, their canned pineapple is in a steel can that appears to not have any plastic lining, so I was hoping the same would be true for their Enchilada sauce. Not so! It is clearly lined… Continue reading Plastic waste journal #10

Plastic waste journal

Plastic Waste Journal #9

This is the plastic waste from March (and the first week of April...) 2018: May I draw your attention to the 2 huge plastic muffin containers. Total zero-waste fail! It was our snack day at the pre-k and I had all the ingredients to make healthy, vegan banana bread the night before. I woke up… Continue reading Plastic Waste Journal #9

Plastic waste journal

Plastic Free Journal #8

Here is our plastic waste from February 2018: It feels like more than it should be, and I'm a little discouraged. Somethings that will not be repeated: Vitamin bottles (if you're eating a whole-food diet, you don't need them!) I even had a patient once who had memory damage from taking a multivitamin with poor… Continue reading Plastic Free Journal #8