Plastic waste journal

Journal #3

2 weeks goes by quickly!

Here is our not-recyclables:


The foam clamshell in the top right is an example of how hard it is to avoid creating trash in a throw-away culture. Zach went out to lunch at a place downtown where he knew he could get his food on a real plate instead of their to-go containers. When he ordered his food he specifically asked for it on a plate. But to his chagrin, his order was handed to him in that container. At least the waitress did apologize.

Quick tip: If you do want your food to-go when going out on your lunch break, order your food for sitting in. Bring along your own container (just keep it at your work so you don’t forget it!). Once you get your food, you can put it in your own container and head back to the office. Don’t forget a container for sauce!

Did you know that Craisins have added sugar? Neither did I when I bought 6 bags on sale like 8 months ago. Still have one more bag to finish, but then it is just as well that it is packaged in not-recyclable plastic. The added sugar itself is enough to never buy it again!

The hummus container should be in the recyclable picture. But we will now avoid hummus containers entirely because I found out how easy it is to make it from dry garbanzo beans from the bulk section.

Now for the recyclable:


Quick confession about the Hershey’s caramel syrup. It was a wedding gift. Yes. Oh yes. We’ve been married 6 years. This bottle has been packed and moved twice. Why throw it out now? Because it has NOT gone bad!!! I tasted it. It looks and tastes exactly like it did the day it was made. There is NO way it is good for you, even besides the fact that it has so much sugar. Yeah, its first ingredient was corn syrup, the second was high-fructose corn syrup, and the third was sugar….I think we are all better off without it.

The ketchup bottle should not be repeated, I learned how to make my own! It tastes better and has less sugar and salt. Some ketchup recipes are super complicated and long. The one I used was really easy and didn’t have rare ingredients. You can find it Here. Put some in the freezer so you don’t have to make it often.

One great thing about going plastic-free is that it forces you into eating clean foods. Waste free living means clean food eating. Watch the documentary “In Defense of Food” on Netflix if you want to learn a little more about clean foods.

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